Planet Ottertail



- Chromosome Tour -

23 Annual
July 20-21, 2002


                                                                          Mug Shots

Look What I Have!

                                                                       Plain Shirt Passage 

                                                The Champ


                                                                             The Girls (With Champ In Absentia)

                       One Sixtieth Of A Minute     

            Junior Champ...No Hard Feelings                                                                      





                         Hole 1 Banter


                                                                   Hole 1 Back Swing

                                               Hole 1 Foot Placement

                                Turn...Turn...Turn...For Every Season...

                                                    Captain Jack Sparrow at Hole 1 ?

                                                             A Hole 1 "Oooohhh"...

                                                           Effortless On Hole 1

                                   There's a Fine Line Between Concentration and Pouting

                                    The Elevated Kung Fu Arm Tee Off

                                     Lefty Concentration

                                                                                                                       Eyes Wide Open...NOT

                             Shades Of Blue

                                                                                                                               This Is Gonna Be Fun...

               Tell Yourself  "This Is As Easy As Fishing"...But Hold On...I Didn't Catch A Thing Last Time Out

                                                                                       Hole 2 ...It's On

                                                                                                                             Gettin' Out The Kinks

                                                                                                                                                          Putting On Two

                                                                                            Hole 3 Putt

                                                                                                                           Helpful Advice On Hole 7

                                                                  I Think I Can...I Think I Can...

              Annie, You Know The Rules...No Throwing At Peoples Asses

                                                           Hole 8 Tee Off

                                Come On Cory...You Can Do It.. Almost There...Four Sit Ups In A Row...New Record

                                                                                             Decked Out





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