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Planet Ottertail

HOLE 1/ Par 3

Tee Off Position...Original "basket" located back between far two trees. "Barrel Hole"

Barrel retired and replaced with disc basket.

Original second shot view after clearing the house..."basket" is the barrel.

Current second shot after clearing the house. 

HOLE 2/ Par 3 

  Tee Off Position..."basket" located to the right of the far right visible tree.

 Second shot view after clearing the far tree..."basket" is far white pole.

View of final approach to pole.

HOLE 3/Par 5

Tee Off Position..."basket" located at the end of a field beyond the dreaded woods.

Second shot position if throw was straight...

Second shot view if throw went right...

                                                         Second shot view if throw went left...

                                   View at the edge of the woods..."basket" is metal part of far visible post.

View of final approach to metal box.

HOLE 4/ Par 3

Tee Off Position...must stay left of far center tree..."basket" is a 5 foot high, 6 foot wide hockey shaped goal located to a sharp right by the far white triangle shaped object.

Second shot view clearing the tree (shown to right)...goal (not erected in this photo)

characterized by frisbees and bag.

HOLE 5/ Par 3

Tee Off Position...basket is located beyond the trees and to the right

(note far square electrical box for reference in next photo).

Second shot view...basket is visible beyond and to the right of the tree. 

View of final approach.

HOLE 6/ Par 3

Tee Off Position..."blind" throw... original "basket" was a small metal stake at the lakes edge

Replaced with disc basket at lakes edge. 

     View of original "basket"...thin pole by lakes edge slightly to the left in the partial opening straight ahead.

View of final approach. 

Current view of final approach.  

HOLE #7/ Par 3

            Tee Off Position...from the lake to the "basketball tree" beyond visible tree over the house.

View of "basket" from just over the house..."basket" is the trunk of the tree with the

basketball hoop on it. Tree in foreground is the one visible from tee off position.

HOLE 8/ Par 3

Tee Off Position...from the right of the tree in the foreground must stay

left of the long pole at the corner of the shed roof.

Alternate Tee Off Position.

View of original "basket" from around corner of shed ..."basket" was the small tree stump.

Replaced with a disc basket.

Final approach.

HOLE #9/ Par 4

     Tee Off Postion...must stay left of far pine tree then hard right to the white pole...

"basket" is the tin piece four feet elevated on pole.

HOLE 8/ Par 3

View from corner of house...pine tree and pole visible.

Approach from left of pine tree .

                                                                           Final shot if lying short... 

Final shot if lying long...